MSC can offer its clients a variety of marketing and public relations services. Depending on a client's requirements, MSC can build a comprehensive marketing and communications plan or create a public relations plan surrounding the launch of one product. Whatever your needs, MSC can seamlessly work with any marketing or public relations department and the parameters of that department's budget constraints.

Marketing Communications

An effective marketing communications campaign can enhance consumer awareness and demand for the brands, products, and services of a company. These programs must have a strategic and measurable impact on a client's business.

Brand identity is key to an effective campaign and MSC knows how to develop strategic communications plans to cultivate and enhance brand image and positioning.

Whether launching a new product or repositioning a current product, MSC can help.

Media Relations

Anyone can write a press release, but having the release placed is the most important component of media relations. Maintaining solid media contacts, identifying key industry, trade, vertical, online and ethnic publications are paramount in successful media campaigns.

MSC will also work with clients to determine the best medium for its broadcast outreach, whether it's a press conference, media tour, video news release (VNR), satellite media tour, b-roll, or audio new release (RNR), MSC will help clients create a solid media relations strategy.

MSC has solid relationships with local, state and national media outlets in both consumer and trade media; print and broadcast. These relationships help garner media coverage for a variety of clients.

MSC has proven results and can create effective media campaigns for its clients.

Community / Ethnic Relations

An important component of many successful businesses is community and/or ethnic relations. Ethnic outreach is increasingly important for many businesses as demographics continue to diversify.

MSC can develop communications strategies and media outreach to ethnic communities including Asian American/Pacific Islanders, Latin Americans and African Americans.

MSC can incorporate community relations plans to assist companies to portray a social conscience in the communities in which they do business.

Event Planning / Trade Shows

A successful event depends on a variety of factors including the location and guest list, to speeches and presentations, to timing and equipment, to refreshments and even decorations.

A successful trade show is vital for most companies and trade show organization and support is often the key.

Knowing and understanding the industry, type of event, and level of consumer, trade and media interest is also key to strategic participation and planning of events.

MSC can provide clients with a range of event and trade show services. From a groundbreaking to a fundraising dinner to a booth at CES, MSC can ensure a successful event that receives the desired media attention.

From location scouting, program agenda, vendor contracting, site set-up and breakdown, guest list management, media relations, and speech presentations MSC can help a company plan and execute successful event.

Internal Communications

In today's business climate it is important to maintain the loyalty of successful employees. In addition to proper training and motivation, in order to help employees succeed and remain loyal, companies must efficiently communicate with them.

MSC believes in providing employees the tools to advance their organization's business strategies. That means working with clients to create both a highly informed and higher-performing work force.

MSC's programs can make employees savvy about customers and the competition; draw a powerful picture of the organization's vision in a way that each employee clearly sees his or her role in its success; and ensure that managers have the communications skills and confidence to lead a team that delivers exceptional results.

Crisis Communications

Unplanned situations can arise at any moment. Whether it's a CEO resigning from a corporation or a perceived faulty product, corporations and organizations often need assistance and expertise in handling sudden situations.

MSC's strategic counsel and planning can immediately assist companies when unplanned situations occur.

Speeches and Presentations

There is nothing like a meaningful speech.

Well-written and well-delivered presentations can undermine bias, change existing opinion, and generate new thoughts about long-standing issues.

MSC can assist will all aspects of speeches and presentations. From writing a corporate sales seminar to a full dealer presentation to a speech given at a luncheon, MSC has the capabilities to develop powerful presentation.

MSC can coordinate consumer and press presentations, orchestrate large-scale multi-media presentations or just write an executive speech.

MSC will work with organizations to define key message points and create supporting materials to enhance the presentation.

Media / Presentation Training

Media/presentation training is an important process for anyone planning to be in front of a camera or an audience.

MSC can develop a training program to help executives feel confident when delivering the organizations messages.

News conferences, interviews, analyst briefings, crisis situations, and every other public communications scenario can be simulated in training.

These exercises are videotaped and critiqued by trained professionals.

Media training programs are custom-designed in consultation with the client's staff to ensure that organization-specific needs are met.

Collateral Materials

Public perception of a company often becomes reality. Web sites, brochures, POP displays and pamphlets are often the only "face" of a company the public views.

MSC can work with companies to craft language and create designs that clearly exemplify an organizations strengths and key messages.

From press kits to brochures to Web site to POP displays, MSC can develop poignant marketing materials.


Professional designers are used to incorporate client's objectives into an effective graphic presentation that is meaningful to their audiences. MSC can offer a number of design solutions including:

- Logo development

- Brochures

- Employee publications

- Promotional materials

- Invitations

- Press kit folders

- Posters

- Presentation Materials

Multimedia / Websites

MSC can offer clients professional Web site designers and developers who can create innovative sites and Web solutions.

Video / DVD

From providing video services at an event, to creating an entire DVD from scratch, MSC can provide complete solutions for its clients.

MSC can also design and duplicate DVDs for its clients.

POP / Display

MSC can offer clients complete POP and display solutions.

From an in-store merchandising display to a trade show booth, MSC works with professionals to create unique and usable designs.